My favorite kind of Japanese sake in Iwate prefecture

#  My favorite kind of Japanese sake in Iwate prefecture

Hello! I am Takao. ^^

I recommend this sake “AKABU”!

Akabu means a red samurai.

I went to Akabu brewery in Iwate prefecture and met Mr. Ryuunosuke Furudate.(left me and right him)

He is a chief sake brewer, still 24 years old!

By the way Japanese call a chief sake brewer “Toji”

He told me how to sake in his brewery.

This is the sake rice.

You know basically sake is made of rice and water.

Sake is brewed in these big tanks.

Leavened sake.

Bottled sake.

Akabu tastes dry and light! It is really easy to drink.

This is a Taru sake.

It’s a sake cask. The design is so cool!

Japanese drink with Taru sake on on auspicious occasions like a wedding.

If you have a chance to drink sake in Japan, let’s try to drink Akabu!

Thank you!

Takao Sakamoto from Tokyo. (^^)

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