This is a Japanese sashimi knife.

# This is a Japanese sashimi knife.

Hello! I am Japanese Takao. ^^

I’m a beginner at English, but I’ll try my best to introduce Japan.

Thank you for your support.

It is a cloudy today at Tokyo Tsukiji fish market.

You can see Japanese sushi chefs make sushi with sashimi knife here.

This is “Yanagiba hocho”.

You can cut and slice fish easily with this.


Japanese chefs often use it.

This knife is recommended for those who enjoy preparing sashimi. It is a long and thin knife which gives you ease in thinly cutting fish and shellfish.

You can watch Yanagiba’s movie here.

If you have this knife, you can make sushi and sashimi.

Like this!

I love sashimi. Yummy.

If you are interested in this, please visit here.

Thank you!

Takao Sakamoto (^^)

Tsukiji ARITSUGU The Best Japanese Knife

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