Japanese Kiritsuke hocho is multipurpose knife.

 Japanese Kiritsuke hocho is multipurpose knife.

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It is a sunny today at Tokyo Tsukiji fish market.

Every week I go to Tsukiji fish market and eat sashimi there.

Sashimi is so delicious. I love them.

Japanese sashimi

When Japanese chefs make sashim, they use this “Kiritsuke hocho”.

Kiritsuke knife

Kiritsuke has mainly been used in the Kanto region of Japan(around Tokyo). Many use it in lieu of both Yanagiba and Usuba. It is used as a general purpose knife.

Kiritsuke knife

ARITSUGU is the most popular of Japanese chefs.

You will see Kiritsuke knife’s movie here.


When you use this knife, you can make sushi and sashimi.

Like this!

Japanese sushi

Sushi is a traditional Japanese food and healthy dish.

If you are interested in this knife, please click here.

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Tsukiji ARITSUGU The Best Japanese Knife

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