Japanese sashimi knife is wonderful.

 Japanese sashimi knife is wonderful.

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It was a hot today at Tokyo Tsukiji fish market. It is a summer season in Japan now.


You can see many kind of Japanese knives at Tsukij fish market.

I recommend a Sashimi knife.

You can slice fish and make sushi, sashimi with this.

Here it is. It is called “Yanagi” knife.

Yanagi knife rose

Since the blade is mirror type, it glitter very beautifully.


This knife is recommended for those who enjoy preparing sashimi. It is a long and thin knife which gives you ease in thinly cutting fish and shellfish.

This knife’s handle is rose type. So cool!

Yanagi knife rose

When you watch below the movie, you will know Yanagiba knife in detail.


If you have this knife, you can make sushi.

Like this! Japanese chef in Tsukiji made this.


I love sushi, “Maguro don”. There are Maguro and Suzuki (white fish) on the rice. Yummy.

If you are interested in this knife, please click here.

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