Deba is a popular knife for chefs.

Deba is a popular knife for chefs.

Hello! I am Japanese Takao. ^^


I’m a beginner at English, but I’ll try my best to introduce Japan.

Thank you for your support.

If you are a chef, I recommend this Japanese knife. The maker is ARITSUGU form Tokyo Tsukiji fish market.

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This is a western Deba knife. It is made of Alloy steel. Deba is indispensable for cleaning fish. It is used to cut through hard bones and also to filet the fish.Thus, it is constructed with a thick spine while the tip is thin with an extremely sharp edge.

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Since the chefs use ARITSUGU, they can cut ingredients to bring out the flavor, have food imaginations more and widen their idea.

That is the reason why the chefs in the world love ARITSUGU!

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Of course you can use it as a household kitchen knife.

Tsukiji ARITSUGU is the best Japanese knife maker.

If you are interested in Japanese knife, please click here.

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