I recommend this Japanese Sake bar in Tsukiji.

I recommend this Japanese Sake bar in Tsukiji.

Hello! I am Japanese Takao. ^^


I’m a beginner at English, but I’ll try my best to introduce Japan.

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I go to Tsukiji every week. There is a biggest fish market in Japan and many good restaurants there.

I recommend Japanese sake bar “Stand Uematsu”.


*The referring page Stand Uematsu

You will enjoy eating Japanese food like “Oden” over a glass of sake here. “Kanpai”!


*The referring page Stand Uematsu

If you have a chance to visit Stand Uematsu, I hope you will enjoy here.

 Stand Uematsu
Tokyo Metro Hibiya line Tsukiji station, 5 minutes’ walk from station
It is closed every Saturday and Sunday.
Website: https://www.uematsu-food.com/

Let’s try to eat and drink it here!

Thank you.

Takao Sakamoto

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