Customers’ comments

You can cook more easily to use this Japanese kitchen knife ARITSUGU.

The first-class chefs in the world love ARITSUGU’s knives too.

Because they can cut any ingredients your own way without changing their tastes and shapes.

Of course you can use it as a household kitchen knife.

Yanagi knife rose tyep

Here are our customers’ comments

When I started working at this new restaurant, I was fortunate to receive one of these knives from the head chef.

Aritsugu knives are very popular and I found that they are easy to use and cut very well.

Obviously good for cutting fish used in traditional Japanese food, cutting meat, fruit, bread, bell peppers and vegetables, I’m able to maintain the full flavor of the ingredients with a beautiful presentation.

I’m so grateful that I received such a high quality knife from the head chef.

From the head chef’s encouragement, I will do my best!

From USA


Honesuki knife


On a previous trip to Japan I ate Sushi and Sashimi.

I was happy to eat very unique Japanese foods that are different than my country.

I was very curios on watching the Japanese chefs using various knives while they were preparing their dishes. I also cook at home and checked the knife I use and was surprised that it was Aritsugu.

There are many types of knives to choose from but I chose “Santoku” knife.

The reason being it is very practical for preparing home cooked meals.

The unique shape and sharpness of the tip allows for very thin slicing resulting in beautiful preparation.

It is very light and very easy to use.

Now I understand that Japanese knives are a unique characteristic of traditional Japanese cooking.

There are no other knives like Aritsugu ! I love it !

From Canada


Santoku Bunka knife


I have a big interest in Japanese culture.

I like sushi, tempura, natto(fermented soy beans) and manga(Japanese comics) but I also enjoy samurai and ninja.

I was surprised to hear that the sword which the samurai used to carry still exists today.

I managed to order a sword and scabbard through a friend in Japan.

When I held the sword in my hands, I was overwhelmed and felt I had become a samurai.

On top of it, I also purchased a sword stand.

Once I placed the sword on the stand, I felt a samurai aura around it.

I can’t use this sword for cooking, but feel very pleased to have it on display.

From Australia


Samurai knife


The ARITSUGU had made Japanese swords for “Samurai” since 1560.

Their swords had very sharp edged, so they dedicated them to Japanese emperor.

ARITSUGU’s high technique has been inherited as Japanese kitchen knives for a long time.

That is the reason why the chefs in the world love ARITSUGU.



It is located in Tokyo Tsukiji fish market.
Subway Tokyo Metoro Hibiya line
It is 8 minutes’ walk from Tsukiji station 1 & 2 exit.

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