How about having your name engraved on the blade?

You can cook more easily to use this Japanese kitchen knife ARITSUGU.

Since the chefs use ARITSUGU, they can cut ingredients to bring out the flavor, have food imaginations more and widen their idea.


That is the reason why the chefs in the world love ARITSUGU.

Of course you can use it as a household kitchen knife.

So how about having your name engraved on the blade? 

It is a free service.

You can choose your name or something else you would like written on your Japanese knife. You can have it done in English, Kanji or Katakana.The clients who ordered it were all very satisfied. Choosing to have your name engraved on a Japanese speciality knife would make it a quite unique.

Like this. This is our client’s initial name.

Initial name

Shop name.

Shop name

Japanese Katakana

Japanese Katakana

Japanese Kanji

Japanese Kanji

How about sending it as a wedding gift, birthday gift or when congratulating the opening of a new business?

When you watch below this movie, you will know how to engrave the name on the blade.


It is located in Tokyo Tsukiji fish market.
Subway Tokyo Metoro Hibiya line
It is 8 minutes’ walk from Tsukiji station 1 & 2 exit.

When you click here, you will know where the shop is.


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